Ingredients for whitening skin:

When you surf the internet for skin whitening, you invest in many of them. What happens then? The product doesn't whiten your skin, but it leaves a hole in your pocket. It makes us wonder, why does it not work on us? The posters, ads, and reviews are all full of praises, but your opinion and experience is the opposite of it. So what is the real reason for it not working? The answer is the ingredients.

When you buy whitening or lightening body lotion, you have to ensure to check the ingredients. The million-dollar question is, which ingredients should it contain? Hence, here I have listed the 6 ingredients that you need in the product that claims to whiten your skin. A combination of these ingredients will leave you with fairer and moisturized skin. Your skin will replenish and look best.

Read on, and you can know which ingredients will make a significant change in your skin.

Glutathione- This is a game-changer ingredient and one of the main ingredients while making a whitening body lotion. This ingredient has permanent whitening effects even after you stop using it, you will not go back to tan skin. The effects of it will be seen from the first application, and the more regularly you apply it, the better the results.

Vitamin C- Vitamin C is the ingredient that has to be present while including Glutathione. This is because Vitamin C needs to be in equal parts as it for it to completely work. Vitamin C inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase which will stop melanin production. It will also help lighten pigmented areas.

Vitamin E- It is one of the main ingredients for curing dark circles. The whitening body lotion that contains this will help with your discoloration. It contains alpha-tocopherol which will prevent your skin from harmful radicals and it also works as an antioxidant. 

Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera has many healing properties. And it will take down the rashes, redness, and pores of your skin. It reduces inflammation and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.

Glycerin- Glycerin is used in all whitening body lotions. It is what ties the ingredients to make a final product. It also has properties that will remove dark patches from your skin, and contribute to it getting a shade lighter. 

Jojoba oil- All oils and especially jojoba oil is included for adding a fragrance and moisturizing factor to the lotion. The oil will heal your skin, as well as soothe it. Your skin will feel plump and luscious because of this ingredient.

Along with applying lotion, also cover your skin from harmful rays of the sun, pollution, etc. These also contribute to the darkening and tanning of the skin.

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